Changing Careers?

Millions of people go to work every day at jobs they hate. Hopefully, you’re not one of them. But if you are, you know the negative affect it has on your personal life. Perhaps it’s time to do some real soul-searching. It is time to identify your true purpose so you can get on the road to your career happiness. The first step in finding a new career is to know yourself. Whether you are a first year student interested in learning how majors relate to careers, a senior contemplating graduate school or an alumnus considering a career change, it is crucial that you first identify your interests, values, skills and personality preferences in order to make a well–informed decision. Whether you have been in the work force before or have never been, you must know this: no matter what your training, no matter what your skills, no matter what area you’re in, you are your most important commodity. The most valuable gift you have to give is yourself.

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