5 Ways to Start the New Year – Improve You!

Happy New Year! We all start the new year with resolutions and promises that are usually broken by February (or sooner). Let’s start this new year by “just doing it.” Be intentional with your actions. Don’t set yourself up for failure by making promises and resolutions you know you can’t or won’t keep. 

1. Set goals. Time to plan ahead, or plan to fail. Set different levels of goals – short term, six months to a year from now, and long-term. Have realistic, attainable goals – goals that are tough but worth pursuing – and a few that are lofty or big ideas. Reach beyond your comfort zone.

2. Get help. Seek out a coach, find a mentor, consult a therapist, or talk to your family – seek support, counsel, and guidance from others. Pay for help, such as an assistant; buy technology that makes you more effecient; and buy something that helps you to go where you want to be. There is no shame in asking for help. Stop trying to do it all yourself.

3. Double down on your core strengths. You can grow in any number of ways. You can take an area you have always been weak or absent from and improve there. You can also take your strengths and continue to ride them to the next level. Neither approach is mutually exclusive of the other, so go ahead and work at both.

4. Operate under a sense of urgency. Every three and a half days represents 1 percent of the year. In no time, the year will soon be half over. Operate every day with a  sense of need, or even desperation. Don’t let days go by without accomplishing something. Don’t keep putting off what needs to be done now. Stay focused and disciplined, and always pursur your prize.

5. Dream it. Do it. Visualize your purpose and goals; now act toward achieving them. Take a step, experiment, try again, and then try harder. Make an adjustment, change your approach, involve others, and find a way to convert your concept into a reality.

If you need assistance from a personal coach, I’m here for you. Have a wonderful 2018. Wishing you blessings and happiness for this new year. Remember: Take Action Today!

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