Do You Have a Life Coach? Why or Why not?

According to the latest AARP magazine, many top athletes were shaped by their coaches in ways that changed the course of their lives. They received the best advice on life and living from their mentors. A life coach isn’t meant to “tell” you how to live or what to do, we all have the answers within, we just need someone to ask the right questions to bring the answers to the surface. A mentor gives advice and counsel, so at least listen to what they have to say and implement the suggestions (at least once), out of respect for the person mentoring you.

Here is some of the celebrities and the “best advice” they received:

  1. Charles Barkley – Have a plan B.
  2. Dorothy Hamill – Never compormise your standards.
  3. Jack Nicklaus – Take advantage of every opportunty.
  4. Martina Navartilova – Let go of mistakes and stay focused on the next shot.
  5. Jim Plunkett – Go that extra mile, on and off the field.

Many will take the easy way out and and not obligate themselves or hold themselves accountable. You were put here to do great things. The good news is: we all have a purpose for being here and not everyone has the same purpose!

We all may know our “what” (what we do best) and “how” (how we do these things), but do you know your “why?” If you are ready to find your “why,” contact me today and let’s start coaching you to reach your higher purpose.

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