Are You Committed?

Are you Committed?

Promoting your business and services can be difficult, especially when you are only going through the motions of being committed to getting out in front of the public.

Here are some valuable nuggets that you should consider committing to:

1.      Stop wanting something that you do so little to achieve. It’s great to have a dream, but at some point, you have to take real tangible steps to reach it. If you just keep thinking about something but don’t take action to support it, you only waste time and opportunities to achieve your dream.

2.      Be honest with yourself. Assess where you are. Take stock of your circumstances and look deep within to see where you really to want be. Look at where you fall short, and start to explore what it will take to move forward. Once you acknowledge a problem, then you can begin to solve it.

3.      Make friends and influence people. The best way to get ahead is to call upon friends, family, colleagues, and the people with whom you’re connected.

4.      Do your best, then try harder. Believe in yourself and do your best, but don’t rest there. Try again, and try harder. Analyze things from all angles. Try things in a different way, or try different things. Be persistent and relentless in your pursuits. Past failures don’t guarantee new failures any more than past success guarantees future success.

5.      Confront your fears. Everyone can become consumed by fears and worries. Stop avoiding your fears. Face them head on. Ask yourself – what is the worst that can happen. Imagine yourself living through that and move on. Acknowledge a potential weakness, challenge, shortcoming, mistake, or loss, and look for ways to correct it, get around it, or dismiss it.

Finish out this year by making it a great one. Rely on past experiences, connections, resources, drive and your ability to modify your approach. Your mindset can lead a new change. You can continue to remain in your fears and do nothing, or you can do something about it and become who you should be. Take action and start today!

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