7 Ways to Move You To Take Action

To get things done you need to take action. But taking action can be difficult. Here are 7 ways to take more action:

1.      Reconnect with the present moment. To snap out of over thinking and just go and do whatever you want to get done, you need to reconnect with the present moment. An easy way to do this is to focus on your breathing for a minute or two.

2.      Be accountable to yourself. A more consistent and perhaps healthier way to develop a habit of taking more action is to answer to yourself. To set your own standards and principles for how you will act. One of the keys to develop this kind of thinking is to get off a dependence on external validation and be more internally validated. Once you attain the accountability to yourself, enlist a friend to keep you honest.

3.      Lighten up. To lessen the burden of trying something new, don’t take things so seriously. If you learn to relax and lighten up, you often realize that those problems and negative feelings are just something you are creating in your own mind.

4.      “Choose” instead of “Should.” You don’t really need to do anything. You always choose what to do. Thinking about things this way removes the “should” and “need to” that take your personal power away and make you feel like you aren’t in control. Regain the control and power of your actions by choosing.

5.      Focus on the “how” instead of the “if’s.” You can spend hours, days, weeks or years thinking about what may happen if you take action. So instead of letting your mind get lost in “what if” focus on the “how.” Focusing on the how puts your mind to better use and creates a positive attitude within.

6.      Get enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a great emotional state to be in to get going and take action. You can create your own enthusiasm with positive thoughts and actions.

7.      Start small. Getting started with your largest task or most difficult action may seem too much and may lead you to procrastinate. You may need to start small with something that doesn’t seem too difficult. If you take a few minutes to arrange your work area, the next thing may not seem so difficult to get started with.

Remember – things seldom happen on their own. With patience, positive thoughts and actions, you can achieve your tasks and life purpose. Stay focused and take action today!

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