The Power of Focus

Definition of Focus: Pay particular attention to.

In the development of the “10 Action Concepts” I included Focus as one of the topics because we all have difficulty focusing on what we want today. Focus in this day and age is a difficult task. Did you know that there are over 40 versions of Crest ® Toothpaste? What about all of the selections you have at Starbucks®? We are bombarded with decisions – all while texting, emailing and snap-chatting with others. No wonder there are so many diagnoses of Anxiety, ADD and ADHD! 

Focus has two main concepts and if you are able to master these it will change your life forever. They are:

  1. Ability to concentrate deliberately. Think of concentrated detergent. Concentrated means powerful.
  2. Ability to be knowledgable of what you are focused on. Think about the ocean. When viewing it from a distance the ocean looks to same to most people. If you grab a snorkel and mask, then you open up your eyes and your view and your focus to a whole new world. It would not be possibly to fully focus on each action, each movement, each creature, each plant, or nuance of the water’s movement.

So, do you want to focus on ordinary or extraordinary results? What’s the distinction? There is one distinction: The focused person has a predetermined inner agreement to get something of value out of every moment and put what is learned into practice.

Tony Robbins said: “Where your focus goes, your energy flows.” If your focus is scattered in many different directions, so is your energy. You will eventually exhaust yourself.

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