17 Principles for Success

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional, I’m sure you want to know how to become more courageous, productive, and profitable

In the classic book,Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill outlined how to become rich and successful using 17 Principles For Success.

1)    Develop a strong PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

2)    Definiteness of purpose

3)    Going the extra mile

4)    Accurate thinking

5)    Self-discipline

6)    The master mind

7)    Applied faith

8)    A pleasing personality

9)    Personal initiative

10)  Enthusiasm

11)  Controlled attention

12)  Team work

13)  Learning from defeat

14)  Creative vision

15)  Budgeting time and money

16)  Maintaining sound physical and mental health

17)  Using cosmic habit force (law of attractoin)

 As we move forward, think about which of these success principles you a) Feel confident about, b) Needs improvement, c) Are struggling with. 

The most effective, successful people I know all have certain characteristics. I want to equip YOU with those same qualities. Without these attributes, your goals will always remain out of reach and unattainable. The sad truth is most people fail to reach BIG goals. They have the talent and ability, yet fear-based beliefs and faulty planning keeps them from ever making significant progress. It feels like taking two-steps forward and three-steps back! 

If you’ve ever felt that way, make sure to contact me today at info@michelesfakianos.com.



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