A Time for a Fresh Start

A Time for a Fresh Start

The new year stretches before you like a blank canvas. What kind of life will you paint this year? Will you choose the brushes of service and relationship – those that feel most natural and meaningful? Will you select colors that stir your soul and you prepare to paint a new picture of your life? Will you use bright tones, vibrant tones or earthy ones?

Take a moment to pause before the blank canvas and wait until you feel guided to create. Once nudged in a particular direction, your creativity will come alive, and you will begin your masterpiece.

While painting your masterpiece, what gifts, talents and abilities will you share with others? How will you contribute to the world with these talents? What colors would represent those talents?

Before completing your masterpiece, think about what the end of 2017 would really look like. What do you want to have accomplished? When someone thinks of your name, what one word do you want to come to their mind?

This year forget about your New Year’s resolutions and pay more attention to your New Year’s evolutions. Resolutions imply an impossibility of will over joy; of forcing over allowing; of demanding over flowing. You are on a trajectory of awakening, healing, and self-expression, achieved by cultivating your true self and letting life live through you rather marching into the black hole of endless obligation. Let evolution take you where you want to go.

The future is waiting. This day, week, month, year are all vibrating with the energy of unlimited possibilities. The story of “you” is waiting. Paint it with joy. Live it in optimism. Take nothing for granted and receive everything as a gift.



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