Are You Open to Receiving?

 Are You Open to Receiving?

“The technique of visualization, creating a positive mental picture of something, reminds me that God-life within is actively at work in my life. I visualize my hand holding an object then gently releasing it. As it falls away, my hand is left empty and open to receive something else.” Daily Word

In my case, the thing I’m holding in my hand is my position in the Corporate world. As of 12/31/16, I will be leaving my Corporate position (downsizing). As I see myself let that position go, although my hand will be empty, I know that God will fill both hands with something new. I look forward to what lies ahead. The old saying “when one door closes, another opens” is certainly true, but we aren’t the ones opening those doors. We need to remember that it is God that is opening the door for us to walk through.

Are you clinging to something you should let go of so that you can receive something new? Are you standing outside of closed doors? By releasing those things that no longer serve you, you make space to receive the amazing good that God has for you.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Matthew 7:7

Don’t allow worn-out views to clutter your mind and prevent new and healthy ideas from shaping your life’s experiences. If you have limiting thoughts getting in your way, let them go! Release your need to worry!

Allow me to help you get out of your own way so that you can be open to receiving. Contact me today for your personal coaching experience.

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