How to Beat the Bad Day Blues

How to Beat the Bad Day Blues

Whenever you have a bad day for whatever reason, what you need to do is sit and think. Think hard, but not about the misery or the misfortune that has hit you. You may be of the opinion, of course, the unfortunate events or experiences of the day are going to haunt you, put you under depression and mental stress, drain your emotions of their usual energy, kill your enthusiasm for life and spoil everything that you hold dear in life. In short, your negative thoughts may make your bad day seem worse than it actually is. Undoubtedly, that will be the case if you surrender yourself to the consequences, not otherwise. If you take control, you can devise ways and means of beating the bad day blues.

Since negative thoughts and emotions tend to overwhelm you on a bad day, you must think of strategies to defeat them. Turn to a vigorous physical workout. Or, take a long walk or go swimming. Or, just get out into the open and sit somewhere and observe the plants and trees and flowers or the beautiful sunshine. Read a pleasurable book, watch a funny movie or do something that distances you from the bad day situation, preferably both physically and, more importantly, mentally.

Remember the good old days that enriched your life in the past? All the happy experiences that elevated your spirits and all those special friends and family who brought cheer and laughter into your life…that was a great time! Think of the good things of your life and be grateful for the many things you have been blessed with. Put against the bright light of your appreciation of all those better days, this single bad day or a small bunch of bad days will pale into insignificance.

Do not wallow in your bad moods and emotions because that is a sure way of plunging deeper into sorrow. A bad day will not become a good day by stewing over it. Remember that a bad day is just one passing day. It might have left a few scars on your mind and body but is important to remember that the pain is temporary. Time is a great healer. Today, just ignore the negative aspects of the day. Instead, look at the positive side of the bad event or happening that spoiled your day. Are there any lessons in it for your future? How can you avoid getting into the same or similar situation?

This does not mean that you start thinking about your purpose in life, your personal relationships, your career graph or your future on a bad day. The day is not suitable for taking any major decisions about your future life, because such decisions cannot be sound, given the dark background. Put off making important decisions until a better day when you regain your mental poise and composure.

One simple formula that will help you on your bad day lies in the fact that your sorrows get divided and your pleasures get multiplied when you share them with your close friends or family. You may try to overcome your bad day by discussing your problems with your close friends.

Any or all of these easy-to-adopt measures will be helpful in providing relief to you on a bad day. If you are still unsure of measures to take, talk to me about my coaching service. I’d love to hear from you the measures you take when you are having a bad day. Please use the comment section to reply. And remember to always Take Action!

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