Mindset of a Spiritual Person

A spiritual person believes that when they have to learn or know something their protector will ensure that there is a way to learn the lesson through the guidance of teachers. These teachers may take a lot of appearances – individuals, books, seminars, radio and TV broadcasts, even web sites which center on the spiritual and the answers we seek.

If you have come here today for the first time, don’t be fooled as to believe it has been by a chance event. A Greater Power has brought you here – a Power on the far side of all reckoning, all expression.

Spiritual individuals recognize they are never alone. They recognize this world is a schoolroom, a place where we go to learn useful lessons and develop a higher relationship. They recognize that God is constantly with them, never more than a blink of an eye away. Contrary to non-spiritual individuals who, if they trust in a supreme Power at all, see Him as a separate and remote entity who looks down on us from on high and will one day hold us accountable for our actions. A spiritual being trusts the kingdom of God is both inside and outside of them – it envelops them like a cocoon – and God’s agents are constantly by their side.

A non-spiritual being believes this is all bunch of bunk, of course. It’s ok to believe in aliens, ghosts and near death experiences, but an unobserved world, an invisible domain that exists on the far side of your five senses where an almighty loving  compassionate God rules? That’s half-baked!

Their school of thought – or at least one a lot of people would have you believe they accept – is you’re born, you live, you die, and you accomplish it all by yourself – end of story. There are no un-seeable forces to comfort us or support us or listen to us if we ask for help. We’re on our own and that’s it, when you’re dead, you’re dead, enough said.

God is easy to find but harder to comprehend. Discovering God in your life, in the little things of the world and in the awesome scheme of the world, merely requires belief and faith that someone bigger has a master plan. Implementing that knowledge and deepening your personal relationship with God lets you be a part of the full plan God has for this world. As well as engulfing your life with purpose, it lets you grow as an individual.

If you are ready to find your purpose and live the vision God has for your life, contact me today. Through coaching, you can find your true potential and live the life you were meant to live. Don’t wait any longer. Take action today!

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