Become the CEO of Your Career and Life

Become the CEO of Your Career and Life Most people understand enterprise. It is a job, education, household, spouse, lover, kids, friendships – all separate departments in the enterprise you call life. If we label these differently it is production, research and development, administration, partnerships, human resources, payroll, and customer relations. Enterprise is strength. You own it. If you are as enterprising as the CEO of a successful business, you can use your enterprising strength to start a business venture of your own, manage your family, and build a corporate career or any combination of achievements. Career While every person can be enterprising, not everyone is entrepreneurial, and there is nothing wrong with that. To forge your corporate path, act like a CEO who is plotting the purchase of another company. First, research the top levels of your division to identify positions that match your passionate vision and explore other divisions for jobs of interest. Next, plot a course from that position you aspire to attain back to where you are now, pinpointing one or more positions at every level that will lead to your ideal career. Keep your vision bold, without concern for obstacles. Study people who currently hold those positions. People advance because of relationships, so build relationships at all levels. Do not only look at advancement, but look for ways in which your knowledge and expertise can grow and benefit your company or the company you work for. Make sure to investigate new skills. Some skills are developed through education and some through experience. The first thing you must do is commit a plan to paper. This is your Strategic Life Plan. Start with your passionate vision. Define your core values (or mission statement); assess your strengths; and appraise your challenges. Set target dates for completion. Make sure to get your hands dirty. The best leaders lead by example. Start with the 5 promises: #1 – I will live and work a passionate life. #2 – I will go for it or reject it outright. #3 – I will take on action step a day toward my passionate vision. #4 – I commit to being a success student for life. #5 – I believe I really can do anything. Developing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient and make sure to celebrate your success no matter how big or small.

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